Right after the six weeks of School of Ministry training, my phone rang that night and the voice on the other went like, “I am so and so. My wife just concluded the discipleship training from your ministry. Sir, I am calling to say thank you and please, can I have your account number so we can send you a seed?”

I would not know what has happened in that home and their marriage but I knew the voice I heard that evening was one of deep gratitude.

Friends, when God has given you a gift to bless your world, it is not humility to play small. Push till you birth it exactly like God intended it.

Groom your spirit. This is the source of the impact that a believer produces. Your spirit man must be constantly illuminated by the Word of God and energised by prayers.

Groom your mind. When a prophet speaks incorrect grammar while prophesying, it is not the Holy Spirit that is making grammatical blunders. No! It is the limitation of the mind of the prophet. The prophecy can be accurate but the prophet can only deliver at the level of his personal development.

Do not let the devil play games with your mind. Do not let him lie to you that keeping the candle under the bushel is God’s design for you. It is a lie.

Set that light on the candle stick. Let it light your world. Just ensure that you do not arrogate to yourself the glory meant for the Lord. If you carry what God should receive, it will break you down but do not hide what God wants to use to light your world.

Christian Soldier, it is not time to play it safe. It is time to blow the trumpet. See! Carry this walk with the Lord Jesus on your head. Let it be the your pride.

Make sure your trumpet is not blowing an uncertain sound. Walk in the values of a believer. Live as such. If you refuse to shine your light, strange darkness will rule the world. Do not get sucked in by darkness. The wind cannot quench the light. Crisis makes us shine brighter.

Be competent like Joseph. Be Prophetic like Daniel.
Be Daring like Esther.
But please, do not play small!

NOTICE: Would you love to be a part of the next batch of School of Ministry? Visit (Do not think it is for pastors alone).

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