Just as declared by the government, we shut down church building. There were a lot of things in the pipeline that also needed reinvention. One of it was the proposed training on ministry. We already had a few people show interest.

We moved the classes to social media. We realised there was at least one advantage- students now had a lot of free time. I taught this small group daily for six weeks.

That little seed became a School of Ministry that has trained almost 200 people from different parts of the world. It is a year already.

If you focus on what you can do in the middle of a crisis and you do not let the wind distract you, you will birth something bigger than your initial plans.

First, do not fall into the trap of giving excuses by blaming the wind. The wind will come and go but you must make up your mind whether you would have gained ground or lost ground.

Second, the wind exposes what is already there. The primary role of a shepherd is to feed, tend, guide and lead the sheep. Stick to simple things in crisis. Focus on the primary role. Do not wait for some big solution.

If you cannot reach all the 30, be faithful with the 5 you can reach. The five can be the connection to the 300. God multiplies our effort always.

Third, do not play small. Once a working system has been created, be willing to multiply it. Sometimes, we think playing small is humility. No! It is not. Do not stay in that “safety mode”. Plant the seed in the ground. Cultivate more. Expand the frontiers.

For long, I thought playing small was humility. The devil must not deceive you. That seed you have is a great tree. Let it leave your hand.

Jesus never played small in crisis. In the storm, he came walking on water. Peter caught the flame and did the same. Crisis is meant to take us into new heights and not bury our plans, pursuits and prospects.

Remember the reason why you are blessed is to be a blessing. God has given you a seed, you have an assignment to plant it, nurture it and see it multiply.

You will birth great things.

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