We were just two working in the Ministry office when the church started. We had a very hectic day in the office preparing for a meeting.

The next day when I showed up at work, I was alone. I called the other person and he said he wanted to rest a bit because of the volume of work we had the previous day. I asked him, “What if you were working in a bank, would you give the same excuse?” He showed up in the office some minutes later.

There is nothing committed to your hands, be it business or ministry, that will grow and become impactful if you do not treat it with diligence. The invisible line of diligence divides mean men from great men.

There are people who think that when they start out their own business, they would have more time! It will shock you that if you have the right mindset, you may need to spend more time building a solid vision than it was required working in the field of another man.

If you have been called to Ministry full-time, take heed to the ministry you have been called to. Get equipped for it. Put your best efforts into it. Fulfil the call.

One of the things that keeps me diligent is that God who is my employer does not slumber or sleep. If it was a man, I can do eye-service but God sees all- even my unspoken thoughts.

Give your strength to the assignment that has been given to you. If you want that vision to grow big, give it a big commitment. If you want it to stay small, give it a small commitment.

Do not daydream, work hard also. If you have built castles in the wind, now bend down and start putting foundations in the right places.

You will go far!

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