I called Irewamiri that morning and said to her that I believe I had to drop a project that I was on in the interim. She asked why. I explained to her that I needed to be more effective. Once I took stock and I dropped the project, I became more effective with the major things in my life.

I looked back in six weeks and I was grateful that I was humble enough to drop the project- I achieved more than I had done in six months. I became more focused.

You need to also learn to take stock and ask yourself a simple question: What is the primary vision that I am running with? You must ensure that your vision and values are clear.

The reason why the journey of many is slow in life is that they take on more than they can handle. The men of impact are not people who are “here and there”. They are people of focus.

To learn effectiveness, learn commitment. For instance, in ministry as the Pastor of a Local Church, I have learnt that commitment to the church I pastor is better than invitations to speak. Invitations may seem more financially rewarding but in the long run, the church is affected. The shepherd must never be far from the sheep. Building people is full-time work.

Effectiveness means that you find out: What is the right thing to do? How do I do it right? If you do the wrong thing rightly, you are not effective.

Why is it important that you are effective? God will hold you accountable for what He has assigned to you. What has God assigned to you? Are you effective as a husband or wife? Or you are the travelling pastor with the troubled family? Are you everyone’s gem at work but you are not effective as a parent?

Think about it. If you are building a personal house and someone decides to come and supply sand, would you ask, “How much should I pay you?” You have no contract. It would be strange if the person comes to demand payment. There was no contract.

A lot of people would do well in things they were not assigned. There is no reward for it. Take stock of all you do and ask yourself: What is my priority? Have I been assigned to it or am I just doing my thing?

Paul told Archippus to take heed to the ministry committed into his hands (Col. 4:17). Focus on what has been committed into your hands. If you start running commentary on what has been committed to others, you are likely losing commitment to what has been committed to you.

Jesus was talking to Peter about Peter. Peter began to ask about John. Jesus asked him, “What does that have to do with you? Face the assignment I have given you” (John 21:15-23)

If you are meant to head to Ilorin but you drove well all the way to Lagos- you will be an efficient driver but not an effective one. You drove well to the wrong destination.

A lot of people at the end of life would realise that they were efficient in the wrong direction. Some due to ignorance but some out of sheer disobedience to the prompt of the Lord to take simple steps.

There is no reward for efficiency in the wrong things. Be efficient and effective.

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