When I handed over the honorarium to a dear brother and friend, he said to me, “No sir. Please do not bother”. I explained to him that I came up with a principle that has become a guide to us. We would not exploit friendship. We honour the grace of God on his life and receive him in his office.

Beloved, one of the attitudes you must deal with early is taking people for granted because they are accessible. While growing up, the best plate is always reserved for visitors. The best meals seem to show up the day a visitor is coming.

In life, pay attention to people who are closest to you. For instance, give your pastor gifts more than you do to a guest minister. Honour your parents with dignity. Value your spouse. Serve your husband with the finest dish in the house. Pour your best attention on your spouse.

Learn to give attention to your children. Be deliberate about teaching them. Do not give the best to visitors alone. Treat visitors well but how about those who are with you daily? Do not underrate them because you see them daily. Make that home neat for yourself and your family- do not just do it for visitors.

Do you know that was also a lesson from the wedding in Cana in Galilee? The head of the wedding feast told the bridegroom after tasting the miraculous wine that:

“Every host serves his best wine first until everyone has had a cup or two, then he serves the wine of poor quality. But you, my friend, you’ve reserved the most exquisite wine until now!” John 2:10 TPT

I know some couples can testify to the fact that what they got to eat on their wedding day was just a little better than leftovers. Some had nothing to eat. Everyone focused on the guests and forgot the couple. After the visitors are gone, they remember the couple.

Keep the best of yourself for the people who are closest to you. Do not bring your tired self to the family. Find a way to bring your best home. Plan it. Reserve your finest strength and the best look for your spouse and not just the pressure from work.

Do not take anyone for granted because “they are friends and they will understand”. Attach worth to the relationship you share with them. Do not treat them shabbily. Give the closest to you the best of your time, attention and honour.

It is always hard to spot the grace and anointing of God on those who are close to you. Familiarity leads to blurred vision. Who are the five closest people to you? In what way can you show them honour this season? Then do it.

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