We were having a casual discussion early one morning at home. Irewamiri pointed my attention to something about the ministry. I realised that my attitude was defensive.

I walked to her later to ask her, “Darling, I am sorry. I think my response then was defensive. Can you kindly explain to me what you meant with that statement? I would love to learn”.

One of the problems of a mediocre is that they do not take corrections with patience and a learning heart. They will attack the person who is pointing out the errors.

You must have people in your life who point out where you are missing it. There is something called “blind spot”. A blind spot is an area that cannot be observed directly when you are the one in charge. Be willing to have people who give you honest feedback.

Separate criticism from condemnation. Take criticism as feedback that you can work and improve on. Pride will keep you from learning. Be a wise man who learns even from a fool. Do not be a foolish man who learns nothing from the wise.

Do not be afraid to receive feedback. It helps you to know that you are human. It helps you to understand that you are not infallible.

If your head swells at appreciation but your heart shrinks at correction, you have poor esteem. Work on it. If you are wary of the praises of men but you have groomed yourself to love correction, then you are building healthy esteem.

The Psalmist wrote about correction and linked it to the anointing:

When one of your godly lovers corrects me or one of your faithful ones rebukes me, I will accept it like an honour I cannot refuse. It will be as healing medicine that I swallow without an offended heart. Psalms 141:5 TPT

Let the righteous [thoughtfully] strike (correct) me—it is a kindness [done to encourage my spiritual maturity]. It is [the choicest anointing] oil on the head; Let my head not refuse [to accept and acknowledge and learn from] it; Psalms 141:5 AMP

King Saul despised correction and he set in motion the process that led to the end of his reign. David took correction with joy. His lineage was established.

How do you respond to correction? Do you build a wall or you take a seat so you can learn? Your response is a sign of your growth.

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