Just some few hours into labour for Olive, Irewamiri began to say, “Are you sure I want to do this?” The pain was changing her stand and testing her resolve. I did not say a word to her. I only listened while I held her intermittently. She went ahead to do it.

Beloved, the pains become more when the vision is about to be delivered. Did you notice that some of David’s final moments before the throne was the toughest?

First, he returned from the rejection of the Philistine warlords to meet Ziklag burnt down and everyone, including his family taken away as prisoners of war. Both David and his men wept until they had no more strength to weep

Second, while David was still weeping with his men, his men began to talk about stoning him (as though he was the cause of the loss yet he had his own family taken away too).

I can imagine David almost at the verge of “Lord if this is the way to the fulfillment of the prophecy of kingship, am I sure I want to do this? When last did I enjoy a really great sleep on a great bed? I jump from cave to cave. Even those I help refuse to respond with favour. Lord, am I sure I can do this?”

As you take stock of what the Lord has done in your life, there will be such moments like, “Am I sure I can go on?”

The next thing David showed us some simple steps to take in such moments:

First, David encouraged himself in the Lord (1 Sam. 30:6). Beloved, whatever it takes, your greatest encouragement will come from yourself. Let the storm not hit that place of inner strength.

Second, David told Abiathar the priest to bring the Ephod. You must have some relationships close by that when everyone else speaks of stoning you, you can turn to them and draw a spiritual resource that strengthens your resolve.

Third, David inquired of the Lord. Your closest circle at such moments must be those who can point you from the storm to the Lord. You must learn to seek the face of God. It is not a mere routine. It is essential.

Fourth, David went and pursued. Whatever the Lord says to you to do, you must do. There is a pursuit ahead of you. Why should you sit down and mourn?

Do not get discouraged. You can still give a final push. There is still a lot more in store for those who can strengthen themselves in the Lord. Do not stop confessing. Do not stop believing. Do not stop giving thanks. Do all you can to stay strengthened.

The next few days shall be days of the miraculous. One day, one miracle. Your strength is renewed. You will carry in your hands what you have conceived in your heart.

Rejoice! You are recovering lost time.
Rejoice! You are recovering lost resources.
Rejoice! You are recovering your home.
Rejoice! You are recovering your strength.


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