A dear son in the ministry shared with us how he despised books or reading. He served as an executive of a campus fellowship and upon exiting the position, a lady in the fellowship gave him the book – “How to be led by the Spirit of God”. He said he thought in himself, “What is the value of a book? She should have given me biscuits instead”. He did not place value on books or reading.

Books are agents of encounter. The first book you must love as a believer is the Bible. You must also love to read things written to make you understand the Bible.

Daniel was reading the book of Jeremiah when he realised the timing the nation of Israel should spend in captivity and the condition that must be fulfilled for that prophecy to come to pass.

I have learnt that “Deliverance does not start with getting demons off your back but from getting lies out of your mind. To keep you bound, the devil first keeps you blind”

Ignorance is a terrible principality and agent of darkness. You don’t cast out ignorance by screaming, binding and loosing. You displace ignorance by going after revelation knowledge.

You can get knowledge from books but you get revelation knowledge through communion with the Word of God. A knowledgeable man can still be bound when revelation is absent.

Therefore My people go into captivity [to their enemies] without knowing it and because they have no knowledge [of God]. And their honorable men [their glory] are famished, and their common people are parched with thirst.
Isaiah 5:13 AMPC

Honourable men can become captives when revelation knowledge is lacking.

Daniel saw what Jeremiah wrote. It changed his disposition to captivity. He turned to God in prayer and fasting. The light he received changed how he viewed his condition.

No matter the title or honour you have in Babylon, when light comes from God’s Word, you will realise that you cannot remain there.

It is easy to see Egypt as Canaan and see Canaan as Egypt when a man becomes blind and bound by the webs of ignorance. Press in for revelation. Read the Word of God.

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