It was a Sunday evening. My wife turned over and gave me that loving look which had “I have something on my heart to tell you” stamped into it.

She said, “Darling, can I tell you something truthfully?”. “Yes, dear. Please do”, I replied. Then comes the lovely knock out “I am bored”.

Instinct would make a man think like, “Am I not romantic?” Or find points to prove that it is not really true. But No! I simply asked, “What can we do about that?”.

We sat together and made plans. That evening, we drove to a naturally lovely place, sat upon the rocks, read to each other and reviewed our relationship. We smiled, hugged and had fun.

We found a key- Every relationship blossoms when we consciously work on building intimacy. Good relationships crumble when parties get lost in activities and routine.

If you are married, you can restore the flames of romance. Take time out. Thirty minutes a week can save you thirty years of marital stress hidden in pretence.

But guess what, our walk with God is also the same. God has called you first to be with Him. Service to God becomes routine when fellowship is lost.

If you notice that you now raise your voice at the slightest issue; you cannot overlook faults in love; you find it convenient gossiping rather than pray; watching movies rather than study; sleep rather commune with God- you need some time out!

Activities can give a false sense of fulfilment. But when the screen is pulled away, you know that you need help!

When help is needed, pretence is a killer. Stop the pretence. You are not that fine. Husbands and wives, talk to each other. Believer and friend, talk to God. Let the fire be rekindled.

You will not be lost.

There is love in sharing

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