Some years ago, I was seated by my daughter, who was admitted to the hospital. It has been days of physical, financial, and spiritual demands. At the same time, I was doing my best to help a dear one in another city find help through a naughty case that was almost becoming a criminal. It was not one of the best seasons. It took much mental toll on me. 

During that season, someone I did not even have a great relationship with kept bombarding me online with financial requests. I eventually got a friend in her city to send her something. But the way and manner she spoke throughout the time was quite terrible. 

First, never take the source of help for granted. Can I honestly say to you that there are times people who are stretching to meet your needs and attend to your cry for help also have matters that they are trying hard to resolve? You must never develop a sense of entitlement or become rude because your needs were not attended to. The fact that you see a man smiling does not mean he has no matters that need to be solved. He has only chosen a response that nothing would stop his joy. 

Second, never take the scale of help for granted. You must be grateful if you need 10,000 and someone helps you with 2000. Some people will even boldly say, “It was 10,000 I asked for,” or “Sir, you are bigger than this now,” with a sarcastic tone. 

Third, I want to say thank you to every pastor who is taking the matters of his people to God in prayers while at the same time stretching hands of care to the needy. The Lord strengthens you. 

Do you know that the priests carrying the ark were the first to step into the Jordan River, but they were the last to leave? Once they were in it, the river opened up for the people to pass. They stood in the river carrying the ark and trusting the Lord until the last of the nation passed over. 

Dear pastor, I know you are commissioning new houses while your rent has not been paid. I know a dear father in the faith shared how he was blessing the new cars of his church members when he had a terrible shoe that everyone’s eyes seem to be blind to. It was a trying season for his heart, but he pulled through. 

And you kept asking yourself, “But God, I have the ark with me. Why do I have to stay in the same spot”? The answer is in the question already- you are carrying the ark. The burden of responsibility is on you. The demand of destiny is on your shoulders. Do not break down. Take sincere joy in seeing everyone pass over into the promised land. Take delight in seeing those who hurt you enter the promised land. Take delight in those who take you for granted and cross over ahead of you. Your assignment is bigger than small fights. 

I pray for Grace for you today. 

Will you say thank you to your Pastor today? 

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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