CALLED BUT STRANDED – 2 (A Series on The Calling)

A dear teacher called a man one day and asked after his wife. His response was, “God is taking care of her”. My teacher said, “We know but as for you, what are you doing?”. I had a good laugh.

That is the picture of the calling to some people. God brings the wife. God will still be the one to tend and keep the wife while they will just fold their hands and expect God to do it all.

“The Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it.”
Genesis 2:15 NLT

Some genuinely called ones get it sincerely wrong when they expect God to do the placement and then to still work and tend the garden.

Beloved, what should take your time?

  1. Tending and Watching the Garden
  2. Anything that will make you better attending and watching the Garden.

So kindly make a review of your daily schedule (if you do not have one, that is already a terrible start) and ask yourself “Is this tending and watching the garden?” Or “Is this making me better at tending and watching?”

The call of God is a call to diligence and hardwork. A father in the faith said, “If you are busy doing your work, it shows”.

Any other person working for a man can do eye-service but the man God has called is working for and with He who does not slumber or sleep. If you do not work, you cannot pretend like you are working.

For instance, you are in full time ministry without full-time commitment, you will only be joking. Paul told Timothy that it is full commitment and nothing less. There are things that must not catch your fancy and take your time.

Do you even pray for at least an hour a day? What do you do to win souls and add value to believers? Do you journal and take notes as you study? Do you spend time to develop materials that will grow believers? How many conference materials have you converted to actionable steps? Do you follow-up and pray for your members?

Grace has called. Now let hardwork leverage on grace to birth greatness.

Temiloluwa Ola, Eruwa

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