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In July 2012 when I had the first conversation about the call with my Spiritual Father, he said to me, “Son, listening to you I have no doubt that God has called you. Many say to me that they are called and I tell them to go pick up a job or even get one for them. It is obvious that it is a job they need and not a call”

One of the very first things a man or woman who is called must settle is the placement. And this is simple- The Lord does the placement. Adam did not choose the Garden he wanted, God placed him in the Garden.

God’s posting is not like our National Youth Service Scheme where you can influence your placement. It is a kingdom military deployment devoid of sentiments. You may cry and run like Jonah but you have to go to Nineveh.

Decide whether you want to start like Abraham following God step by step and dwelling in tents in “unattractive” grounds or you want to start like Lot choosing where scientific data of prospects has chosen for you.

Did you choose the ground or Did God place you there? If you place yourself there, it will be easy to displace you. Lot ministries are easily swallowed by Sodom and Gomorrah. When Sodom goes down, they also go down with it.

When Adam was placed in Eden, there was no rain “instead, springs came up from the ground and watered all the land.”
Genesis 2:6 NLT. If you are looking for rain (the obvious), you will run away from your Eden. For every placement of God, there are springs that you may not see but the grounds can never be dry.

Who gave you the assignment you are running with now? What drives it- greed, survival or obedience to God’s placement?

You need to use this season to ask- God, am I in the Garden you have chosen for me? Or did I behave like Lot from the beginning? If you started like Lot, you need the mercies of God to reconnect you to your Abraham.

Did God place you or you were influenced by data, statistics and survival?

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