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In the days when cell phones were not popular, my mum embarked on a journey to visit my elder sister in the University.

Upon arrival on campus, they headed straight for her hostel. Her name was announced but unfortunately, someone else bearing her exact name and surname came out instead.

Someone recommended that Mum should try out the Library as my sister rarely had many places to visit. They did just that. They described her to the people manning the library entrance. One of them knew exactly where to find her.

My question to you this day is: “Do we know exactly where to find you?” This bothers on your integrity as a believer.

In our generation, where it is very challenging to find people who are sincere and trustworthy, can you be singled out? Do you make a promise to be in a place at a particular time and you are right there? Or do others begin to wonder what happened?

What do your family, friends and neighbours say about you? Can people in your church get into business deals with you knowing that you will not falter nor cheat?

Are your steps traceable and enviable? Do you pray in tongues but lie at work? Do you preach on Sundays but beat your spouse or cheat on him? Are you a church worker but you are the High Priest at ‘Saint Bottles Cathedral” at night?

At the same time, are you the type of Christian whose integrity means you must never show favour to people? For instance, as a Christian Lecturer, 39.75 must remain like that yet 40 could mean a whole lot of difference?

Where can you be found? In the company of God lovers or in the circle of scornful and spiteful folks, in the path of righteousness or in the way of sinners?

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