Till date, I cannot kill a hen (Thou shall not murder but I love eating it). But I used to be worse off- I could not even carry a hen. I was pretty scared of them but it all changed one December evening in my teenage years.

I was holidaying with my grand-uncle. They were carrying turkey into a waiting truck. I stood aloof. I could not carry a hen let alone the huge monstrous turkey. The next thing I heard was my uncle’s voice behind me saying, “Spencer, carry that turkey my dear friend”.

The world sank. I was jolted to life. That day, I carried the turkey (and not just one). My fear ended that day.

One of the things that you must do this season is to hang around those who would not take excuses from you. Since you have been hanging around those who accept your excuses, what exceptional thing have you done with your life? What fear have you conquered?

If you are surrounded only by people who hail your excuses and excuse your failures, you will not grow. You will stay on the same spot. You need a teacher who smiles at you in Saturday but can rebuke you on Monday.

Sometimes it involves even our church life. When last were you challenged to spiritual growth? When last were you corrected when you erred? Does anyone even know that you have erred or have been erring? If you are in a place where you are not growing, you need to change address.

Beloved, if you will grow spiritually, you need a Pastor who will not rub your head and smile at your pocket. You need one who is not intimidated by your status or your talents. You need a Pastor who loves you but knows his assignment in your life.

You need people who are too committed to your growth to be sentimental about you around your life. There are things you would never believe that you can do in life until you have a tough uncle who says to you “Carry that Turkey”

Do you have plans to outgrow your fears?
Who is doing what you are afraid of doing?
Have you thought about connecting with them and learning from them? Even the Angel connected Mary with Elizabeth. God will never leave you without a reference point. God told Joshua that He (God) will be with him as he was with Moses. Joshua understood that perfectly.

What turkey do you have to carry this season? You need that voice behind you saying, “Carry it now”. That is the voice of a teacher. Do you have one in your life?

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