My siblings and I hated it while growing. As young as I could remember, Mum would get to your bedside between 5 am and 5:30 am. She will give you a gentle tap, sprinkle water on your face and wake you up to pray.

At times, I sleep off again and the “rod and the staff” comfort me while the “demon” of sleep is expunged.

Though I mastered the various types of sleeping at vigils, today I am the better for it. By the way, my mum laid hands on me to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit at age 10.

Friend, evil is upon the church now- you see kids who know all the latest songs and dance steps but cannot say a sentence of prayer.

The fact that you grew up by default is not an excuse to raise your child on “neutral” – Engage your ward. Teach them to pray. Let them know that family devotion is a must.

We went to church so much that my elder brother rebelled once asking Dad, “Does it have to be church all the time?” Dad simply smiled and left him at home. That singular moment changed my brother’s life. He is a preacher today.

Prayerful parents settle it on their knees rather than have a battle of words.

If you see the church as a mere option, your wards will not see it as important too.

Children are arrows- whether in the hands of a godly man or the hands of the devil. If the devil gets a hold on our kids, they will be arrows that pierce our hearts. But if a godly man gets a grip on them, they become a terror to the kingdom of hell.

There is love in sharing