A dear father in the faith and his beloved wife shared a touching experience with us as an intending couple some years back.

They got married while the man was a priest in a small village. The wife was already a graduate. Their source of livelihood and income was everything that a palm tree could supply- they made oil, brooms, sponges, soap and all from the palm tree. They made for home use and sold also to make some income.

The honest truth is if you look at them or sit around them today, you will have no idea that they had such amazing experiences in the past- they do not look like what they have been through.

Beloved, in the days where men desire to appear like they have arrived, you must learn to listen to the story of men who genuinely paid the price for where they are today.

There are parents keeping their children away from process under the guise of “I do not want them to go through the things I went through”. They have forgotten that they are a product of the process. Their wards cannot withstand pressure. They break at the slightest sign of a storm. They are buried by the same storms that their parents rode with strides.

If you will handle great things for the Lord, be willing to pay a great price also. It was said about John the Baptist that he was in the wilderness until the day of His showing forth.

There will be that season where you must learn attentively the teachings of sacrifice and contentment. You are not crushed by abundance neither are you intimidated by little. You know how to abase and abound.

Why on earth would you stay at home because you had no offering to give when there was a generation who trekked miles to get to church and still got in early?

There is process. Let no one put you under pressure to impress and do not put any pressure on yourself. Be the best you can in the season that you are in.

Be wise also. Use all that the Lord has blessed you with to be a blessing to others and to keep your life and marriage going. Look around you and get results. Do not give excuses.

When you are in front of the Red Sea, there will always be a rod in your hands. Do not lean on the rod while you complain. Raise it up in faith because that is all you have and see the waters part way.

When you are in process, be responsible!

There is love in sharing

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