We had spent days praying for our dear friend. We knew she would be coming to visit us. It would be our perfect opportunity to share the gospel with her.

One of the things that we ended up telling her was this: “The greatest thing we owe you is the gospel of Christ. We would be terrible friends if we do not share the good news with you”.

Well! We shared the gospel. We still do not relent in following her up. We know how important it is to have our family and friends with us in heaven.

Friends, the last words of Jesus must be our first priority. He told us to be witnesses to the ends of the earth. Witnesses are proof producers. We must not just manifest the gifts of the Spirit; we must equally produce the fruits of the spirit. Both are proofs that we have had an encounter with Jesus.

But much more, we must pray that souls come to Jesus Christ through us. We must then be willing to open our mouth to share the gospel.

Soul-winning is a kingdom assignment. It must not be taken casually. Every believer can win souls. If you leave it alone to Pastors, the work will not get done. Unfortunately, some pastors only rely on the pulpit. They do not win souls one on one any longer. We need to repent.

Let your praying in tongues produce a passion to depopulate hell. Pray up but also speak up. Share how Jesus saved you from that addiction. Tell a colleague that admires your relationship with your spouse how your faith in God helps your marriage. Be bold friends.

Jesus was tired when he was heading to Judea. He was resting in the Samaritan town called Sycar when he saw a woman approaching the well. Jesus taught us that a tired body is nothing compared to a dying soul.

And if you are waiting for months of training before you can share the gospel, the Samaritan Woman has a lesson for you- she led her town to Jesus the very hour she encountered Jesus! All she said was, “Come and See a man… Could this be the Christ?”

Who has your sealed lips helped? Has your quietness led a soul to Christ? If you have the cure to cancer and your friend has cancer, would you keep quiet? That silence is wickedness. Speak up!

We are never troubled to speak about sports, fashion and politics but the moment you want to speak about Christ, fear comes in. The devil never wants the gospel shared. The flesh always wants to be comfortable. Friend, break that atmosphere. Speak up!

Remember, the last words of Jesus must be our first priority.

There is love in sharing

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