A few years back, I noticed that there was a slightly consistent record of guests (who turned into attendees) in our church who came from another church in the vicinity. I became bothered.

Guess what I did? I visited the Pastor and discussed this with him. I told him what I observed and said, “Is all well sir? Is there something that needs to be done? I am interested in building the kingdom and not an empire”.

He was grateful.

One thing that must never be allowed in your life is envy or jealousy. It is a silent killer.

My question to you today is:

What will you do if you see your vision being fulfilled through the hands of another?

I commend the men that Peter beckoned to when his boat was so full of the harvest that it began to sink, they joined him to pull it in.

They did not say, “Were our boats not there when Jesus entered yours? Were you the only one who needed a breakthrough?” No! They joined in.

We can either be a David gathering up all resources and handing them over to Solomon even when we know the record will never be “David built the temple” or we could be Joseph’s brothers who would do all we can to ensure that the dream never comes to pass!

Never be like that prostitute in Solomon’s Court who says if I cannot have mine, then you would not have yours.

Honestly, you cannot build your own house by tearing down another man’s house.

Your candle does not shine brighter when you kill other candles. We get much more by lighting others.

When your friend buys a car when you have not even gotten a job, have a great heart towards him. If you cannot afford fuel as a gift, give him an air freshener.

Do not “bad-mouth” what God is doing sincerely through others. Hold on! Stay in love!

Let the vision live in the hands of another. Do not kill it because you do not own it. The vision is big so you must have a big heart. Do not shrink things to the size of your envy!

Do not behave like we do when we own the ball but they did not choose us to play in any of the teams. Guess what we do? We carry our ball and leave. We have a bad attitude of “If I am not on it, then I will not wish it well”.

Watch your heart!

There is love in sharing


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