Danielle climbed the chair and kept pointing to the pack of cookies. I picked up the cookies so I could give her.

Unfortunately, the pack was difficult to untie. The knot was difficult to loosen. I kept trying.

She got impatient and began to throw tantrums while attempting to grab the cookies herself. In the process, she hit her hand on table.

I smiled at her and said, “It is good to be patient”.

But I paused and then told myself the same thing.

Patience is produced by inner strength. Where your inner strength wanes, you get to hit an emotional low and you begin to make bad decisions.

Patience must never bow to pressure. Pressure must always bow to patience.

When Abraham’s patience bowed to the pressure of Sarah, they got into “Hagar” moments that left them an Ishmael.

Patience produces Isaacs. Impatience pops out Ishmaels.

Do you remember that story of a man who sold his farm after digging for gold in it and could not find?

He traveled all over seeking gold. He eventually returned to the farm he sold. He met it heavily guarded. He could barely recognize it.

Just after he sold the farm, the new owner spotted some precious stones. They dug further and found treasure!

Are you patient enough with your spouse to draw the gold from them?

Are you patient enough in the hands of God to get what He has prepared?

Are you patient enough to abstain from sex before marriage?

Be patient!
Be Calm!

The cookies in the pack will soon get into your hands!

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