I woke up that Sunday Morning some years back. I was dressed up for church. Suddenly, I had this grip on my heart. I began to shed tears.

My wife was confused. I simply told her that, “She should go to church”. I honestly felt overwhelmed. I could not explain to her what was wrong.

Then I began to sing one hymn after the other. I sang and cried. I worshipped and wept.

I ended up in church!

I want to talk to someone who has a God-given assignment but has gotten tired and overwhelmed.

I want to talk to someone who is on a God-track but honestly looking for God’s hands.

What should you do?

First, cut off that atmosphere with worship. Do not let it stay for long. Do not feel powerless. Do not take it as a ticket to worry. See it as a call to worship.

Second, in such moments, revisit your jounals. There are things you wrote years ago that will help you today. We draw strength from God’s promises.

Third, you may be tempted to shove your personal devotion aside- that’s an error. You need that daily dose of strength- every ounce of it is priceless.

Four, walk and meditate. Physical exercise has profit also. Meditation is good medicine.

Finally, talk to a mentor or a friend. Tough times become easy to pass through when you are in good company.

I pray for you- your strength is renewed. You are strengthened in your inner man. You are full of patience and endurance. You are overflowing with joy. You erupt with thanksgiving. You finish strong.

There is love in sharing

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