“I know you do not know the history of why you have complete access to this venue”, I smiled as I said it.

“Do you know you are one of two organizations that enjoy this privilege? Let me tell you why”, I continued.

“At the base of the ministry are the sacrifices of 3 Christian Corp Members like you. They mopped dirty floors. They gave their all when we had nothing”, I concluded.

Friends, Sacrifices speak. They have a voice- a strong voice. You may not realise that the history of what you enjoy today is deeply rooted in the sacrifices of others.

Solomon built the Temple on the Threshing Floor of Araunah that his Father David bought. Do you know what David said when he was asking for that property?

“I will not give God that which costs me nothing”.

You may not know the weight of that statement until you realise that the place David made that statement is called Moriah.

Does Moriah ring a bell? The same region where Abraham laid down his beloved Isaac.

Sacrifices speak!

Do you know the narration of the death of Lazarus was paused to mention the sacrifice of Mary (John 11:2)?

What are you doing today that will speak for the next generation?

Are you taking the pain to leave a great name? What will you leave behind that will speak for your generations down the line?

What will cost you something?

Or you do not care at all as long as you are not affected- anyone else can suffer?

To everyone who has made a sacrifice or the other and it seems not to speak, relax.

Sacrifices still speak!

And by the way, the sacrifice of Jesus is still speaking the blessing for you- You are preserved. You are healed. You are restored. You are helped. You are cleansed. You are sanctified. You are accepted. You are loved. Let nothing else lie to you!


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