I handed over the remaining drink to Danielle. Just before she finished it, I asked her to give to me. She refused vehemently.

I said, “Baby girl, I was the one that gave you now. I can give you more”. She refused to give me.

Then it struck me how hard giving can be. I remember years ago when it announced in my campus fellowship that they needed video cameras.

I had a Samsung Camcorder but I refused to part with it even though I knew God wanted me to give it.

Well! I have kept it till date with hope to put it in a museum as an artifact of my unyielded act of disobedience to God. I was even defrauded later. Till date, I lost that money I wanted to invest in a video business.

I now pray that God should not deposit in me what He cannot demand from me. I must love God more than whatever He has blessed me with (even ministry).

I love what the Prophet told King Amaziah who invested a lot of money in hiring soldiers for a battle.

God told Amaziah that he will lose if he goes into battle with those hired mercenaries.

Amaziah thought of how much he had invested and did not want to obey God.

The prophet said to him, “God can give you much more”. Amaziah obeyed.

Friends, no matter how much God is demanding from you, know deeply that He can give you much more.

No matter how much you have invested in the wrong things or relationships or businesses, when God says “Walk Away”, let it go. He can give you more!

For Isaac, He will give you nations. All men on earth will be your children. For your fishing boat, he can give you a huge harvest and a new beginning.

God will owe no man. Do not hold back from Him what He has blessed you with. Do not hold back.

God cannot ask for your candle stick if He has no sunlight to give you.

But even if there is nothing in return, is loving God not just enough a reason to give our all?

There is love in sharing

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