That day just before we ended talking, I told him, “I will be praying for you”. I meant it but for a long while other things crept in and I did not pray for him.

The morning I remembered, the Holy Spirit scolded me: “You said you will be praying for him. Have you?”

Do not just brandish words all over the place. Do you know how many people you have told that “I will be praying for you” but you have not for once raised an altar of prayer for.

And do not be under pressure to make some people feel cool. A young girl (not a church member) asked me once, “Pastor, are you praying for me?” My response was simple, “No, I am not”. That was the truth.

Christian brothers and sisters, dear ministers, do you know how many times we have said we are praying for people we actually are not praying for?

Samuel told Saul, “As for me, far be it from me that I should sin against God by failing to pray for you”

This is therefore not something to take lightly. Do not claim to do what you are not doing. Be delivered from pressure.

We can lift up general prayers for people in groups but when you make a commitment to pray for someone, do not joke with it! Pray.

Whenever Paul mentioned that he prayed for people, he meant it!

Prayer is not what we say to make people feel good. Prayer must get the heart and ears of God. It is deliberate communication.

And finally, do not join people to stone a brother or sister who failed when you did not join those who prayed.

If you did not pray for him or her, never be the first to point a finger of condemnation to him or her.

Remember to pray for your Pastor today also! He may be awake praying for you but when last were you awake praying for Him?

His prayers and yours births great things by the Spirit.

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