As we discussed our journey in the ministry and encouraged each other, I shared a testimony.

While sharing about how God blessed us in return for something we gave out sacrificially, my brother asked, “Those who gave you, did they know about the sacrifice you made?”

My answer was not a Yes or a No! I simply said, “They are my friends”. It was a blanket answer.

After we parted, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and reminded me that my friends who gave to us were in a meeting where I mentioned about what we were about to do as a major ministry move then.

I picked up my phone and sent a message to my brother and I set the records straight immediately.

Do not exaggerate your testimonies so it can look good and colourful. Say it the way God did it- it does not make it less of a testimony.

Do not try to package what God did in a flesh-glorifying style, you are not doing God a favour.

An exaggerated testimony will give you a bloated image and the bubble will soon burst.

Saying the truth at all times is about character and it is the depth needed for a great life and ministry.

Do not do public relations at the expense of private consecration. Do not package God and His dealings- He is already God. He does not need your help.

And who tells you sharing the testimony as it is makes it less a miracle?

Build your esteem by staying true to God and yourself. If not, the bubble will burst and you will not like it.

There is love in sharing
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