She was in a funny mood that morning. I kept praying under my breath for her all morning. She was giving me short word answers even though we had no misunderstanding.

As we drove to work, I asked that we join hands and pray together. She did not want any of it. I wondered what was wrong. Just before she stepped out of the car to her office, I called her a last time.

I asked, “If it was _ (name of her trainer and mentor) that asked that you bring your hands in prayer, would you hesitate?” That changed everything. She became sober. I told her, “I am your priest”

We held hands and rebuked every heaviness and commanded joy into the day. She gave me a huge hug, she strolled off smiling and the day took a new turn.

Dear husband, there are things you cannot delegate. One of such is your priesthood in your home. You cannot delegate your duty of spiritual legislation. Write the laws that your home will live by in the Spirit and receive nothing less in manifestation in the physical.

Dear husband, you cannot sleep all night without lifting up the emotions, the health, the mind and the matters of your spouse to the Lord. Groom her in the Spirit. Clear the weeds before they manifest. Spray the ground with prayers that nothing unworthy gets to manifest.

Dear husband, you must grow in the Word and in the Spirit. Do you know how hard it is to fight with or abuse someone you pray for and pray with? Be the one to lead your home to the presence of God in devotion and do not be a late-comer in church (yet you skip midweek services).

Let your family see you on your knees much more than they hear you scream over Champions League matches. Be the first example of a praying man to your spouse and your seed.

When last did you pray and get answers to your prayer? You must show them the pathway of faith and trust in God.

The atmosphere of every home would be as weak or as strong as the priesthood of the husband. If you are lukewarm, your family will be lukewarm. Yes! I know your wife can pray but when the head is weak, the body cannot but be weak.

Dear husband, as you leave for work today, pray all the way under your breath. If you are alone in the car, burst out in worship and pray in the Spirit. Navigate the course of your home and set a new order. Make it a pattern! Try a vigil alone at times also. Yes! You can.

Who does not love a praying man?

There is love in sharing

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