It was the first year of our marriage. I just knew that the evening was not going too well. My wife seems to be asking for space. We had no arguments whatsoever. Late in the evening, she did not stay in our room. She decided she wanted to stay in another room. She actually shut the door so I could not go in.

Well! I picked a duvet and spread it by the entrance to the room where she was and slept there. When she opened the door and saw me, she was shocked. She requested that I should kindly go to bed. I told her that I wanted to lay so close to where she is so I can still pick her heartbeat.

That melted her!

Dear young husband, there will be times you cannot place a finger on why your wife has gone moody. There is a tendency to want to neglect her because “she will soon come around”. However, you must know that it is your opportunity to listen to the Spirit of The Lord as He guides through a road you have not walked before.

The Holy Spirit showed Joseph how to respond to Mary. If you spend time meditating on that issue in your home, you will realise that you have a huge role to play in securing the warmth of the marriage.

I know the world teaches you to prove that you are the man but remember that the Word calls you a new man. Therefore you are guided by the fruit of the Spirit and not the works of your flesh.

When it is tough, rest on the Spirit of the Lord. Draw strength to love supernaturally. See! Eevryone has a breaking point no matter how hard or tough they seem. Love plays a great role in eroding emotions that is not of the Lord.

When you feel like shouting is the time to speak in calm tones. When you feel like not holding hands is the best time to share a warm hug.

Today, dear husband, shame that devil. Hold your wife this morning. Even when she is not in her best mood. Say to her, “I love you still”. Say a word of prayer. She will not forget all day.

That is how we win our battles.

There is love in sharing

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