A day earlier, I got reports that a beloved one was disgruntled about certain things and was in a hurry to pull out of the organization that she was a part of. Someone encouraged and spoke with her.

The next day, a group of persons approached the head of the organization requesting for permission to give the disgruntled person some volume of support. What if the person had acted out her heart desire?

When the devil wants to keep men on the same spot, he introduces pride (at critical times) as an addition to the other challenges of their lives.

Just when help is about to locate some persons, the demon of pride would slide in and take the steering wheel of their lives. They despise and talk down on their God-sent help. They suddenly are blinded to the process that brought them this far and would not mind if all the efforts are wasted. Pride is a terrible demon.

Think of Naaman- he had battled leprosy for years. He was humble enough to listen to his wife who passed on the information from their maid about a prophet called Elisha.

He took a letter from his King and travelled all the way to Samaria to see the Prophet Elisha. Then right at the door of Elisha when the last instruction for a miracle came, pride took over the driving seat of his life.

He would have returned to Syria as a leprous general if not for the intervention of a servant of his who said, “If you have been told to do something harder than this, would you not have done it?”

In my short pastoral walk, I have seen people who lost chances of being blessed because pride took over the driver’s seat.

They were to be promoted but few days to the promotion, they misbehave and treat their employers with contempt. There were plans to give some a leverage that will be the lasting solution to the challenges they were facing but they scattered both the bridge and the person God would have used.

There are men that were about to be recommended for an opportunity when they show signs that they cannot in any way be trusted.

There are ministries that have started today driven by the spirit of pride. It is now even harder for such men to humble themselves and learn. They keep struggling.

Beloved, once you see that you are beginning to think in funny ways that promote pride and the flesh- deal with it.

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