A while back, one of the Christian organizations I relate with paid us a courtesy visit in the office. In the middle of our conversation, I realised that one of the female executives had no issue with having her male fiancé spend the night in her room.

I had to take out time to teach and guide by the Word of the Lord so that both her and others can understand the weight of living a life of righteousness not just before God but also before men.

Statements such as “God sees my heart” has been used as a cover for questionable acts.

Beloved, Paul writing to the Ephesians made it clear that no hint of sexual immorality must be found in our midst as believers. What does that mean? You cannot be spending the night with the opposite sex and then keep saying, “Nothing happened. Let them think whatever they want. My conscience is clear”.

Tell your conscience to please shut up. Your conscience is not the standard, the Word of God is.

Paul writing to the Corinthians said that “We take the pain to do what is right not just in the sight of God but also in the sight of men” (2 Cor. 8:21 NIV)

Dear believer, there is an onus on your life to be the light and the salt of the world. Your actions must not contribute to the advancement of strange and ungodly philosophies.

Let no sinner look at your life and find justification for their sin and ungodly conducts. Let the ungodly look at your actions, weigh them and have their hearts pricked unto righteousness.

If you are accused of being a believer, would there be enough evidence to prove it?

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