Irewamiri started raising chickens. We had seen two tiny ones become huge in a space of two months. Then she got another two but something happened.

We came back home and discovered that the two small chicks had been carried by hawks. It was painful. We wished we had caged them and fed them.

Weeks later, we got another two. We had learnt our lesson- we kept the little birds in the cage. They will be fed until they can withstand the hawks.

First, A lot of people have lost their lives because they wanted to roam when they should have stayed where they would be fed. The Lord and sent-men kept telling them that they don’t have the capacity to be all around yet. They saw the cage as a punishment rather than process.

Second, grow so that you do not become food for hawks. There are hawks in the spirit also. They look for opportunity to pounce to men who lack the capacity to resist their claws. The hawks will carry the believer without capacity. The hawk left the bigger fowls to carry the small ones.

Third, become too heavy, hot and wise for the wiles and devices of the devil. Invest in your growth that the best the devil can do is to look at you but keep his distance. Why? You have outgrown his claws. Your weight will ensure you are not his meat.

Beloved, invest in your spiritual growth. Study. Pray. Fast. Win Souls. Give.
Grow till nothing carry you except the wind of the leading of God’s Spirit- that is positive carrying!

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