During one of our major projects in the ministry, a dear son reached out with a personal seed, saying that I needed to take some rest. I appreciated his gesture. What an amazing heart. 

It was noted when he discovered that I did not take the break as discussed. He simply said, “I knew you would not take that break. I know your heart, sir”. He told me afterwards that he would instead plan it and send the necessary details than send any cash. The “rest bonus” had a greater purpose to serve. 

First, let me begin with a note of caution: A lot of visionaries have what I call the “pioneer’s syndrome.” Taking a break to rest almost looks like a sin. It feels like laziness taking a break. Till date, it feels the same way for me also. But listen, you must take care of the body that will deliver the message to your world. Do not break down when the work is not yet done. Pace yourself. Plan yourself. Have time to rest also. Do not let sickness force the rest out of you. 

Second, there is a heart every man of vision must have- it is a selfless heart. It is a heart that loves the Lord more than it loves personal gain. This was the heart of King David when he spoke about building the temple:

After the king was settled in his palace and the Lord had given him rest from all his enemies around him, he said to Nathan the prophet, “Here I am, living in a house of cedar, while the ark of God remains in a tent.” (2 Samuel 7:1-2 NIV)

You cannot go a long way as a kingdom ambassador if you are only interested in satisfying yourself. There is such a thing as a kingdom mindset. Do you have it?

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

(Matthew 6:33 NIV)

Take an audit of your statement of account; what is the prevalent direction of your finance? Self or Kingdom Advancement! That shows where your treasure lies. 

Finally, when you find a sincere minister of the gospel, show them the honour they deserve. If you ever grew up as a pastor’s child, you have a first-hand experience of the sacrifices they make. Some pastors’ children hated the church because they saw it as competition. If you are a pastor, never let your home feel like the church is a rival. Watch it also.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

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