Throughout the meeting, as my Spiritual Father taught us and led us to pray, I could see that he was a bit tired. He had been on a national tour leading a prayer movement. It was a hectic season.

Just before we wrapped up the meeting. I went to fetch my cheque book and wrote him a token. As I handed it over to him, I told him to please use it to take some good food and have some great rest also. I saw him smile and I was glad.

Friends, you can be a strong defence to your pastors also. David would have been killed in battle by a giant due to fatigue if not that he had a sensitive soldier closeby who sensed that his king’s life was in danger.

I know Pastor can wake up at night with a burden for someone in church but have you ever woken up with a burden to pray for your pastor?

I remember the sad incidence of the pastor who committed suicide in his office right in the midst of a service when his church was waiting for Pastor to bring a word. Who feeds the feeder?

Your pastor brings you a word of encouragement and your spirit is lifted but have you ever wondered who encourages your Pastor? When last did you say “Thank You” because of what he has taught you? Who feeds the feeder?

Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem and realised that the Levites have abandoned the temple to go work on farms so they can have food to eat. The people no longer bring provision to the temple. Nehemiah was sad. He immediately restored the Levites and charged the people to do what was right (Neh. 13:10,11)

I see faithful pastors suffer. I also see lazy ones take advantage of people. But if you know that you are pastored by a shepherd with a sincere heart for the flock, you owe him a sensitive heart.

People talk to pastors about their needs but have you ever asked who pastors talk to about theirs? Do you know that a lot of Pastor’s spouses battle emotional depression? They rarely have a best friend to talk with.

Do you know most children of Pastors in ministry have made a vow never to become ministers? They see their parents give their time and money to others and they become defensive and offended. And yet the same people pay them back with that phrase of “Are you not a Pastor’s child?”. They get hurt and become rebellious.

Can you help us love your Pastor and His family? There are times they have given their best of health and time to the church and it is only their tired minds and bodies they bring to their family. It takes a lot of guts for a pastor to say “No” at times.

Can you help your Pastor finish strong? Send him a message saying thank you for the teachings and the grooming. Do you even have a plan to bless him? Plan it. Can you stir other church folks to insist that your Pastor should take a break and you pay the bills? If all you keep looking for are his faults- it is unfair. Can you sneak to confirm whether he has paid all his bills for his kids’ fees and house rent? Surprise him.

We can help fix a Pastor’s family. Let the spouse and kids be able to say they are proud of what he or she does. I know there is a reward in heaven but do not let your attitude send your Pastor there earlier than normal.

There is love in sharing

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