I was watching a dear father teach sometimes ago. It was on a YouTube channel. While watching, my wife called that she needed my attention. I did something that shocked me.

I said, “I am sorry sir” before I paused the video and went to see my wife. It dawned on me later that I was not even in his presence. But I was so engrossed that it felt like I was having a personal conversation with him.

That is what honour is about. It is not eye service. It flows from the heart. Friends, honour means that you esteem someone greatly.

Honour is not lip service. You would never do behind a person you honour what you cannot do in his or her presence. It is not honourable to talk about your pastor or teacher in a derogatory way because they are not there.

Honour is painstaking. You cannot walk out on a person you honour. Your Pastor is teaching and you are already walking out. It is not honourable (not even to pick a call).

If you were sitting right before him, would you do the same? Honour reflects who you are even more than how you value another person. Whatever you give will definitely return to you.

When your pastor is teaching, it is honourable to take notes. You are simply saying that you value what he is sharing. It is not honourable moving from one social media page to another rather than listen.

Honour keeps to time. Honour does not go late for appointments. If for any reason you will be late, you must ensure that you communicate such. Do not keep people waiting even if you are the boss.

Honour is from the heart. If your heart is right, it will be easier to flow in honour. Honour does not just respect the pastor, it also respects the associates and the unit heads. You cannot say you honour the head while you dishonour the system.

Do all things honourably today.

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