Just about this time in May 2020, I had been waiting on God for exactly what to do about the devotionals. Because of the season, we could not produce hard copies. I began to seek God’s face.

I was on my way to the restroom when the Lord said, “Get a Camera and begin video devotionals”. We did just that. Today, the video devotionals is a year old. And the camera has been a blessing beyond the devotionals alone.

In the middle of a crisis, there is a tendency to be emotional. We do not ride the storms of life emotionally, we ride the storms when we have a strong spirit.

One of the things that crisis wants to do is to weaken spiritual signals. You want to settle for the first option that looks like survival meanwhile God has bigger plans for you.

In the middle of famine in Bethlehem, Elimelech and Naomi’s signals were weakened. They chose Moab and the consequences were so grievous. They lost all if not for grace that brought Naomi back home.

On the contrary, in the middle of famine too, Isaac had the honour of hearing the voice of God that instructed him on what to do. Obedience to the instruction catapulted him to new heights. His level changed.

Jesus showed us what God would love us to do when we are in a crisis. God does not just want us to speak to the storm. God wants us to walk on the storms. The tough wind does not and must not stop our steps of faith.

Each step may look like you will sink but you will be surprised how the waters that should overwhelm you become the rock for your lifting.

A lot of things are happening in our world right now. Fear is not the instrument of divine leadership. The instrument that will set the standard must not be faulty. Faith in God remains our compass no matter the season. In abundance, we seek His face. In crisis, we do the same!

Refuse to be led by fear. The winds will not bury you.

Feedback: Have you seen any of the videos in one year? Has it blessed you? Please send a message. Share with me. God bless you.

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