In a bid to solve the accommodation challenge we had during our major conference for the year, we had to begin to think of options. There was no hotel that we were satisfied with. The one we could manage said they had temporarily shut down. 

At that point, I remembered a private house of a relative that we could leverage. We had used it in time past and we thought we could use it again. But we needed to check it out also. It had been a while since we were there. 

It was a long drive and we hoped for the best. By the time we got to the place, no one had to tell us it was not usable. We were shocked at how things had depreciated. The lovely lawns, the great ambience and the beautiful interior had all become something else. We left totally disappointed. 

One of the fathers in the faith mentioned a while back that he met an old friend that he had not related with in a very long while at a conference. He said as much as he desired to pick up their friendship where they left it off, he was hesitant and cautious about his excitement. He told the pastor, “I am sorry but we have to build the friendship all over again. I have not seen you in years. I do not know where you have been or what you have done.” 

A leader of an organization called me once. He was excited that a young man who has left them for years wanted to come and work with them. I asked him, “Sir, you knew him eight years ago. Do you still know him today?” He gave some answers that I was not satisfied with. He went ahead to employ the young man. They went from one character crisis to the other until he eventually left. It was a mess. 

One of the proofs that a man has questionable character is instability in relationships. He keeps changing “besties” like a wardrobe. He has no long-standing relationships. He can not point to friendships that have lasted years, you need to be cautious with such people. 

Do not be quick to give an old flame entry pass into your space again. It is wise to give it time. It is better to thread softly than to commit without looking. 

David loved Absalom. Eventually, Absalom schemed his way back into the space of the king. The havoc he caused, in the end, was worse than the initial one. Do not be in a hurry to endorse an old relationship. Do not be quick to invest millions into the portfolio of an old friend. Thread with caution. 

The righteous choose their friends carefully, 

Proverbs 12:26a NIV

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

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