Sitting in front of my spiritual father some time ago, he asked a question: “What is your vision for where you are?”. I said, “I desire to control the spiritual and economic climate of the town”.

He smiled and replied “Choose One. If you chase two things you will get lost in between. You will neither be known as a spiritual giant nor be prominent as an economic giant. The worst part is when the tests of life comes, you will be tempted to fall for the convenient”

Hard words from a veteran. I followed his instructions and it has paid off.

A lot of people have lost the flame in between because they were not committed to the assignment that God has given to them. Nothing grows by chance.

A farmer that wakes up daily to nurture the plants knows what he is doing. It is commitment that brings the harvest.

Can you imagine a soldier enlisted in the army and fighting at the war front trying to chase multiple things? His life is at stake and the life of everyone connected to his obedience is also at stake.

I have realised that no matter what a man is doing, if you have given yourself an “exit plan”, you would never be committed to it.

Do you want Jesus said about kingdom service?

And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.
Luke 9:62 KJV

It is commitment that shows how fit you are. Fitness is tested in the long run. Short term mindset cannot fulfil eternal agenda.

Know your Consecration and concentrate on it. The road is what makes the man. Focus is needed to cross hurdles. Commitment is needed to cross oceans. You must have a no-going back attitude.

A seed not planted cannot grow. You cannot plant one seed in two grounds! Every vision is a seed. Your life is a seed. What is the ONE thing you will do with it?

One great enemy of progress is a temporary mindset! Just like in marriage, it is a joining to your spouse to the exclusion of all others!

Marry your vision.

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