In 2011 (right after my service year), the Lord told me that “Every company builds its factory where the raw materials are. Go to where I have sent you”. I agreed with the call but I had just one more thing to tick off my to-do list- travel out for three weeks.

I was in the documentation phase. I had gotten all the documents I needed and was to progress to the agency managing the visa process. In devotion that morning, the Lord said to me, “Johannesburg. No!” It was tough to communicate to my loved ones but I did. I left Lagos and returned to Eruwa for the work.

Some years later, my sponsor for the trip said to the church while visiting, “Thank God you did not make that trip. By our plans, you would not have been here”. In his love for my progress, he had plans to schedule meetings with his friends who worked in multinationals. He was hoping I would get a good job that would necessitate a relocation. God saw it and blocked me!

I bring a word from the Lord to someone who has a call upon his life who is planning to take some time to cool off before hitting the ground running for the Lord, “If you go, you will get caught in the web of comfort. You will not find it easy returning to the place of your destiny”.

One of the major excuses you are giving is “Let me just go. It is just for a while”. You are in the negotiation phase with the Spirit of the Lord. You would not be the first to speak that way:

In the days when the judges ruled, there was a famine in the land. So a man from Bethlehem in Judah, together with his wife and two sons, went to live for a while in the country of Moab.
Ruth 1:1 NIV

What happened in the days when the judges ruled? Everyone did whatever they wanted. There was no regard for the guidance and governance of the Spirit of the Lord. We are back in those days.

Did you notice that the man from Bethlehem in Judah (the same place that Jesus Christ came from), who was meant to be a part of the progenitors of the biological lineage of Christ decided to go live for a while in Moab?

That “for a while” changed everything: He did not return. His sons did not return. Everywhere you see Boaz as a part of the lineage of Christ, it should have been first Elimelech. Boaz was physically the third in rank. Another elder who was selfish and wanted to protect his estate refused to take responsibility for Naomi and Ruth! Boaz did. Out of him came David and then Christ!

We are in the days of sensitivity where men like Boaz will be engrafted into God’s plan for a generation because those who were called abandoned their estate “just for a while”. We are in the days of the rising of “Boaz” who have been raised by the “Rahabs” of this world.

They are lovers of God. They would not break the covenant. They do not sleep with “Ruth” before marriage.

They honour authority. They have the money and the means but they are humble enough to submit to process and training. They are men of faith and they will not cut corners.

If there is a David in your loins, if there is a “Christ” in your loins, you cannot make decisions like every other person. Yours must be a destiny-grade decision. Some may make decisions for pleasure. Some may make decisions for survival. But for you, you must make decisions because destiny is involved.

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