As I stood in front of our house some time ago, I noticed that there was an old cutlass close by. It was a very strong one. I told the person with me that “Kindly keep the cutlass away from the entrance”. He wanted some explanation and I said to him, “It would be inappropriate to supply a burglar with the resources that he could use in burgling.” He got the message I was trying to pass across. 

Some people want peace but they allow trouble to hang around. Some people want love but allow offences to hang around. Some people desire a life of purity but allow lewdness to hang around. 

It is possible to supply the devil with the tools he needs to make you fall into sin. For instance, you want to obey God’s instruction of abstaining from sexual immorality but whenever you travel, you sleep in the same room with your fiancée or fiancé. You have supplied the devil with the tools he needs to break down your house. 

You cannot be cohabiting and then give the excuse of ‘we are trying to save money’ without focusing on saving your soul. Your soul is way more priceless. 

Keep a safe distance from “your” temptations. Deliverance can set you free but discipline will keep you free.

Discipline your thoughts. Do not allow your mind to wander. Mind your mind. Guard your mind. Lead it to the obedience of Christ. 

Discipline your tongue. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Any man who can bridle his tongue will live as a man without guile.

Discipline your taste. What are your cravings? Every man is enticed when he is drawn by what he craves. It cannot tempt you if you do not have a craving for it. 

Discipline your tendencies. You know yourself. You know the areas that can lead you to stumble. Let me remind you that; it takes being close to a pit to fall into it. 

Discipline yourself not to jump on trends. Trends can be tempting. Do not join every new thing in the name of a challenge. Do not dance to all songs because you want to belong. How about skits and movies with suggestive content? Child of God, guard your heart!

The devil wants to burgle your heart. Make sure you do not supply him with the tools he needs.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

There is love in sharing


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