I started writing devotionals accidentally. I began by sharing a little lesson with some of my friends daily. After a while, a friend suggested that I create a broadcast list instead of sending it one after the other. I did. 

About three years after, a young man sent me an image rendition of the devotional. I loved it. My brother recommended what to do to make it better. Today, it has become a major part of our ministry assignment with staff employed and structured for greater impact. 

First, a vision can start accidentally but it will not grow accidentally. It grows when attention is given to it. Things can begin when you were not paying attention. You must however pay attention to meet its growing demands. 

Second, every vision needs Joseph-like men. What are the attributes of Joseph-like men?

1. Like Joseph in Egypt, you need interpreters. Men who will come into your space to give a structural boost to what already exists. They are selfless. 

2. Like Joseph, the husband of Mary who birthed Christ, you need the support of “preservers”. They will not tamper with the vision you carry. Their ears, eyes, and minds are open to insights that will ensure no external attack destroys the vision. 

3. Like Joseph of Arimathea, you need connectors. Men who have the means to talk to those you need for prophecies to be fulfilled. Men who will let go of what they are building for themselves so vision can speak. A dear son deleted his own social media pages as instructed by the Lord to manage all my own pages. That’s a Joseph. 

4. Like Joseph, surnamed Barnabas, you need “encouragers”. They sell what they have to make sure the vision speaks. They are selfless givers. They also pull you from Tarsus where you are hiding to Antioch where you go global. It almost looks like they are sent to make you great and the vision great. 

In the name of Jesus, your Josephs will come. They will bring value to you. But do you know you are meant to be someone’s Joseph also? 

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

There is love in sharing

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