For some weeks, my car battery kept giving tell-tale signs of weakness. There were times I used the battery of another car to get it going. It then worked perfectly all day. But once it was left overnight, it would not start in the morning. I would need another car battery to get it going again.

At a point, I needed to be starting and running the engine every hour so it does not disappoint when I needed it. Well! It still disappointed me. I left the car and bought a new battery. All that problem was over in a moment.

Beloved, there is the place of corporate prayer, corporate study, corporate waiting on the Lord and corporate service. They have their advantage but if you do not have a personal prayer altar, you will keep depending on others to run your faith and sustain your Christian walk.

If the finest you can pray is when you pray with a group of people, it is fine for a start but not sufficient for the long haul. Thank God for the several one-hour prayer time with men of God but if that is all you do in prayer, it is not enough. It should help you ignite a personal walk with God. Thank God for the several devotionals but if that is all you read, it is not enough. It is only needed to push you into a personal study of God’s Word.

There is the corporate flow of our Christian walk that we must never take for granted but the corporate flow was never designed to replace the personal and private flow. If it does, your faith journey will be weakened.

When a teacher gives you examples, it is to help you with the homework and examinations of life. During the examination of life, you will be left to answer the questions. Excuses will not suffice then.

Your tests will be personal. The same wind and storm that came for the house built on the rock came for the house built on sand. You cannot start making adjustments when the tests begin.

Your tests will not consider your preparation. It will cover all of God’s expectations for you. If you do not measure up, it would not be God’s fault, it will be your non-preparedness.

Listen! When you fall into the temptation of the devil, and you fail the test of God and get caught in the provocation of men, you need to check your walk and growth in the things of God.

Are you managing a dead battery?
Do you need others to jumpstart your spiritual walk?
Why don’t you invest in growth today?

That way, in a corporate flow, you will not just be a consumer of miracles but a contributor of divine things also.

Be blessed.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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