I saw a post referring to a situation that involved some indecent exposure and nudity. Instantly, I became inquisitive to know what the matter was and who was involved. As I proceeded to the search option to begin my investigative journey, the Holy Spirit stepped in and asked, “Why do you have to check it?”

I realized I was just being inquisitive. At the same time, I realized that checking it added no value to my soul in any way. As a matter of fact, I would surely come out of my “research” worse off than I got in. I dumped the idea and ran away.

It is an age-long strategy of the devil to use man’s craving for “news” and the new to trap man in sin. If you do not kill that craving that wants to get to the root of suggestive headlines, you will soon become the prey of the strange woman.

Let’s break it down: There are times that there are headlines of sexual misconduct and there are video shreds of evidence all over the internet or there is a reality show where some sexual explicit act happened and it begins to trend and as a believer you just want to see so you can then speak against it, you have only weaponized sin and turned the gun on yourself.

All that Dinah said was, “I want to confirm what is trending. Let me go see the babes of the land”. Restlessness met restlessness and gave birth to abominable conducts. (Gen. 34:1-3).

You do not have to taste poison to give an accurate analysis of poison and its components but you are too smart to trust scriptural findings and submission about sin because you have a scientific mind. Be careful.

Scientist David already told you by his findings that if you follow that inquisitive track and you want to see more to Bathsheba rather than pick race after the headlines, you will weaponize grief and sorrow in your own home. But you do not trust the findings of Prof. David Jesse!

Prof. Samson already had given forensic evidence that your inquisitive mind that finds rest in Delilah’s bosom and returns to say “But I did not do anything” will soon be captured by the enemy and all virtue will be drained. You think his research is outdated so you must watch the explicit content to be able to analyse the sinfulness of it. You will soon be crying for restoration of a lost virtue.

Your teacher is the Holy Spirit. When your mind can slide into the pit of deceit. He reaches out to you and raises a standard with the red flag (of “🚫”) but you would rather get into the pit to confirm the depth.

God is not impressed with how much you dance around sin but with how far you run from it. Stop justifying nonsense. Stop weaponizing sin. Stop explaining away the pitfalls.

What do you gain eventually? Nothing. You have only consumed junk that poisons your heart and contaminates your journey.

Do you know the recommendation of Prof. Paul to his student Timothy? He said when you see sexual sin and suggestions of it, simply flee!

Will you follow their findings or do you want to taste poison?

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa

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