We were in the middle of a conversation. Irewamiri said something that got me angry and I decided to hold my breath. She did not realise it though. I walked away from the place where we were having the conversation.

I paused and spoke these words to the Lord: “Lord, help me to choose the right response in the middle of all of this. Help me to show genuine love. Help my heart in Jesus’ name. Amen”. It seems a stone was rolled away. In a few minutes, I was back to my wife hugging and playing with her as we spoke. I told her what happened days later.

Anger is not the driver of your decisions. Do not let anger control you. Once you are disappointed in anything or anyone, anger wants to take over the wheels of your decisions, do not accept.

Paul told the Ephesians:

But don’t let the passion of your emotions lead you to sin! Don’t let anger control you or be fuel for revenge, not for even a day. Don’t give the slanderous accuser, the Devil, an opportunity to manipulate you!
Ephesians 4:26‭-‬27 TPT

Whenever anger is allowed to take the wheels, the consequences can be damning. Simeon and Levi had a problem with anger. At the end of the days of Jacob, hear what their father said to them:

Simeon and Levi are two of a kind, ready to fight at the drop of a hat. I don’t want anything to do with their vendettas, want no part in their bitter feuds; They kill men in fits of temper, slash oxen on a whim. A curse on their uncontrolled anger, on their indiscriminate wrath. I’ll throw them out with the trash; I’ll shred and scatter them like confetti throughout Israel.
Genesis 49:5‭-‬7 MSG

One type of friend that you must avoid is the angry friend:

Sensible people are careful to stay out of trouble, but stupid people are careless and act too quickly. People with a hot temper do foolish things; wiser people remain calm.
Proverbs 14:16‭-‬17 GNT

There are marriages where anger took over the wheel and broke down communication and introduced what they named “Irreconcilable differences”.

Anger took over thriving partnerships in businesses and two people who need each other to survive split ways and went into oblivion.

Anytime you see anger attempting to take the wheel of anything you are committed to, fight back with the Spirit of Grace and Supplication. Ask the Holy Spirit for help. He sure will help you.

Anger has no dominion over you. You have the right attitude in tough times.

In the name of Jesus, you recover every foothold that anger had given to the devil in your life and relationships.

temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.

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