As I was wrapping up my service year, my uncle’s desire was that I relocate to the United States to pursue my Masters while I also get to grow in Ministry. Great plans. I had to explain that I am called to serve the call of God in Eruwa.

I did not know what was on my uncle’s mind until some years later. He said to me, “Son, we should never use our personal experience to judge the leading of the Lord. I did not want you to go through the things I went through”. I knew what he meant.

Beloved, personal experience will remain what it is- personal experience. There are people who have been misled because those who have gone ahead used their pain to knock them out of God’s plan and purpose.

The fact that you had a bad experience marrying from a tribe does not mean that everyone who is from that tribe is evil and terrible.

The fact that you went through a tough time trying to bring about a change does not mean that a person called to the same thing after ten years would have a similar experience.

Paul planted. Apollos watered. Your portion in the assignment may be to lay a foundation. You may go through a hard time breaking through rocks. Do not discourage those who are called to erect the walls. Someone will enter rest because they continued in your labour.

The Word of God is bigger than our experiences. Jesus can touch to heal or send a word. If two people healed by the Lord Jesus meet, would it not be strange if one of them is saying to the other that “If Jesus did not touch you, then it is not Jesus that healed you”. That would be weird.

In the same way, do not impose your experiences on anyone. Experience is a teacher but when it comes to the leading of God, the Word is the most objective.

Do not let your pain make you impose your standard as the norm for everyone. There are parents that want their children to live the dreams they did not live forgetting that their seeds have their own coding and journey from the Lord. They use their personal experience to push their seed out of God’s ordination and calling.

You may not agree with people’s experience but all you need to find out is if it is in line with the Word of the Lord.

When Peter took the gospel to the house of Cornelius and the Gentiles. Some of the Jews kicked against it. Peter had to explain. After they listened to Peter, the scriptures said:

When the others heard this, they stopped objecting and began praising God. They said, “We can see that God has also given the Gentiles the privilege of repenting of their sins and receiving eternal life.” Acts 11:18 NLT

There are things you have to stop objecting to and begin to praise God for. Do not let your experience pitch you against a divine move.

Pray to God: Lord, give me a heart that values your Word above my experiences.

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