Danielle stayed with us in the kitchen while we worked. I was lost in gist with Irewamiri when I spotted some tiny ants just around the feet of Danielle. In a second, I noticed that she had placed a pack of sugar on her laps not knowing that it had been invaded by ants.

We took the pack of sugar from her immediately and walked her away from the ants. She returned to trample on it.

Do you know the scriptures speak about carrying things that can injure you in your bosom and warns you against it? The Proverbs say that “Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?”
Proverbs 6:27 KJV

When Danielle carried it in her laps, she saw no harm. It took a close mature examination to spot the danger. Do not make decisions without scrutinizing it through the eyes of the Word of God and teachers who have gone ahead of you.

Before you follow your heart to start that marital relationship, let a mature eye see whether there are ants hidden in your choice that you cannot see.

People are proud when they make personal decisions but become humble when the consequences begin. They say “It is my life” when emotions are high but return to say “What should I do?” when the challenges set in. Why don’t you ask questions first?

I know it looks like a good business deal but before you commit your hard-earned money, let a mature person in the field help you look through that decision of yours. It will help show the hidden ants crawling up your bosom.

Danielle returned to trample on the ants when she spotted them also. Don’t hug what you are meant to trample on. You cannot defeat what has not been revealed.

Whatever is hidden in decisions you are about to make, I pray that the light of God will bring them to your awareness. The pretence will be uncovered by the Spirit of God. You will not suffer a loss.

Walk far away from it. Pick what the Lord is saying. Paul was carrying sticks without knowing that a snake was hidden right within the sticks. As he got closer to the fire, the snake was revealed. It made an attempt to kill Paul but he shook it into the fire (Acts 28:1-5).

By the power of revelation, hurtful hidden things shall come to light. You will not be hurt. You are protected. You are preserved. Be sensitive to the Spirit of the Lord. You will not be a victim. Amen

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