A friend was narrating to her that she had an emergency some days back and sent a text message to some of her friends to kindly stand in the gap for her around 1 am.

She then asked her friend, “Why did you not text me also?” The friend told her, “It is difficult to reach you on a normal day let alone the day of an emergency. Everyone I reached that late hour responded in a frame of two hours”

Beloved, Prophet Isaiah was talking about a nation that the Lord beckoned on and he said about that nation they responded swiftly and speedily.

“And will whistle for them from the ends of the earth; And indeed, they will come with great speed swiftly.” ISAIAH 5:26 AMP

Prophet Isaiah has other things to say about them:

“No one among them is weary or stumbles, No one slumbers or sleeps; Nor is the belt at their waist undone [as if unprepared for action], Nor is the strap of their sandal broken. Their arrows are sharp and all their bows are strung and bent; Their horses’ hoofs seem like flint and their chariot wheels like a whirlwind. Their roaring is like a lioness, they roar like young lions; they growl and seize their prey And carry it off and there is no one to save it.” ISAIAH 5:27‭-‬29 AMP

They are not people sold out to weariness. They do not slumber or sleep when the Lord beckons. When He signals to you at 2 am, do you respond? They are always prepared for action.

How about their arrows? It is sharp. They are sharpshooters. They get answers in prayers. They have a voice. They roar. They pray until something happens.

The question is “Can God depend on you?” Can the Spirit of the Most High place a burden for intercession on you or does heaven have to look for someone else?

Anna the Prophetess and Simeon were trusted with the intercession for the birth of Jesus Christ. Can God place such a task in your heart and you come through with it?

God said through Prophet Ezekiel that He sought for a man to stand in the gap but He did not find any. When Heaven asks, “Who shall I send?” Would you be able to answer, “Here I am Send me”?

The church is in critical seasons. We need men who will be stable in prayers. We must stop losing women because of birth complications. We must stop losing lives to terminal diseases.

The Apostles gave themselves to the ministry of the Word and Prayer. They had men who served and also people who gave. Today, both the priest and the flock are hustlers. The shepherd returns from work as tired as the sheep. The prayer cover is torn.

Mammon has driven us very far from high callings. We even subtly abuse “full-time” ministry. We teach entrepreneurship to men with high callings. We make them settle for somewhere in-between. They must survive. Elisha now holds on to his Agric business and follows Elijah once in a while. Peter can no longer abandon fishing. While on the field, he is looking at the time and worried about the boats.

Can God rely on you at such a time as this? Can you be the Esther of this century? Can you be the Mordecai of this hour? Can you wait on the Lord so that sentences of evil will be reversed?

We need men with the heart of a warrior and the boldness of a lion. Can you be God’s man? Will you get His text message? Or are you too busy?

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