At a point in our marital journey, we had to make a decision that will bring a major shift to my wife’s business. It was to be a huge sacrifice. She would have to shut down some things to pick on new roles.

I had prayed and known this is what to do. But then when I told her about it, I simply asked her to pray also. What made the decision easier for her? God reminded her of a unique experience she had just when we started courting:

She saw an elderly man in her room who said to her, “I have called you to help my son in what I have called him to do”. That became the basis upon which the shift was made. That became a calling for her.

Friends, when tough times hit or when you get to critical junctions in life, make decisions based on your calling and destiny! Do not stake your destiny on the altar of finances. Joseph knew the weight of destiny. He did not bow to the pressure of getting promotion from Mrs Potiphar through sexual demands.

A lot of people have become a slave to their needs rather than a bondservant to their calling. Jesus asked the young man who wanted him to talk to his brother about his inheritance, “Who made me a judge or arbitrator over you?” Jesus was simply saying, “I am focusing on my calling”.

He then went further to charge the young man that “Take heed and beware of covetousness…” It seems like something our world needs to hear again and again. Beware of covetousness.

And then Jesus threw in another punchy piece of admonition: “For one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses”. Do not let material things drag you into the pursuit of a lower calling. There are high callings in God.

If you have to make a sacrifice as a young man or woman for your calling and destiny, make it early. It can be tough in the beginning but it is better you master your journey early. The road will make you.

Believe me when I say to you that everything you give up for the sake of the calling upon your life can never be a loss if you pursue the calling faithfully.

There will be things that will attempt to use your life. Problem will. Pleasure will. Purpose will. Never allow problem to use your time and life. Live at the level of your purpose. Recognise divine patterns in your life and align properly to it.

What is using your life now? Your fears or your faith? Problem or purpose? Crisis or Calling? Career or Destiny?

Some have sacrificed the call to Fatherhood and Motherhood on the altar of building a career. Some have forgotten that they carry an evangelistic flame. It is all ashes now. Some have forgotten that they carry the call of an intercessor. Prayer life is on a zero!

When you want to make a critical decision, consider your calling and not just your career.

God bless you!

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