That night, he told me that he remembered something. His first few weeks in town when he took a prayer stroll in the morning, he would pass by our house.

Unusually, everytime he passes by, he would feel like knocking on the door and asking if he could be accommodated. He constantly sensed a pull to our house.

By the time we were talking, even though he got accommodation somewhere else, our house was already a home to him.

Prayer will bring to you what God has prepared for you. In the place of prayer, you will catch mental images of a prepared future.

A man of prayer lives a “fast-forward” life. When incidents now happen, it looks like a de-javu. It seems like it has happened before.

Yes it actually has! When we pray, revelation is released. When revelation is converted to practical steps, our lives have significant changes.

A man who truly prays has a calm spirit. Noisemakers like doubt and fear get drowned in the largeness and the depth of a prayerful heart.

A prayerful man is calm but takes giant steps. They walk by the streams to pick up stones before they confront the giant.

A prayerful man tells the king’s executioner to hold on while he talks to the king himself- so calm in the face of death.

A prayerful man respects professionals but knows when the Spirit has planted a seed that can mess up any expertise.

A prayerful man may not have a loud voice but they have constantly lifted hearts.

My spiritual father looked at a group of youths one day and said, “Let me leave you a legacy”.

They all wondered what the legacy is. He said to them, “Pray in the spirit one hour every day and your life will not remain the same”.

Raising a prayerful generation is a legacy!

You cannot call things to yourself during the day if you have not prayed during the night.

I see more! I sense more!!

What do you see?

There is love in sharing

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