When I got to the office that morning, it was obvious I needed the cheque book. I searched all over. I could not find it in my office or in presumed places.

I went to the other office in the ministry, I searched again. It was nowhere to be found. I went back home. I did not find it.

The following day, I gave up on searching. Early in the morning, I remembered that I did not ask the Holy Spirit for help.

I humbly said, “Holy Spirit, I am tired of doing this on my own. Can you lead my mind to where the cheque book is”.

The first place I went to open right after praying was where the cheque book was. It was right there.

I laughed at my folly.

Amazingly, it struck me that it is the same way I go through each day trying to figure it out on my own rather than engaging the Holy Spirit of God.

Living life led by the flesh can be so frustrating. It produces little results. But when you are led by the Spirit, the dynamics change.

Could it be that you are pressured because you are still trying it all by yourself?

When you do not get to the end of self, you cannot get the best of God.

Naomi said, “I went to Moab full but the Lord brought me back empty”.

You cannot be full of yourself and full of the Spirit. You will go through the emptying process.

You are emptied of personal opinions and assumptions. You are emptied of self. Only then are you ready to be led by the Spirit.

Do you know what it is to be carnally minded? Your mind is led by your flesh.

Do you know want it is to be spiritually minded? Your mind is led by the Spirit of God.

Which do you choose?

If carnally minded, you will produce effort-based results. But if Spirit-led, you will produce grace-filled results.

Choose one.

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