As I stepped out to put on the generating set, Danielle ran after me. I said to her, “You are not dressed. You cannot come out. Insects can bite you”.

At those words, I slammed the door shut. She burst into tears. She cried but I knew what was the best for her.
No amount of tears would make me open the door.

I began to wonder at how many times I have cried at my fleshly desires that was not in line with the will of God.

You can see a fine man or woman and begin to cry that God should squeeze him or her into His mould for you.

Do not waste your time crying over what is not his agenda for you. Find His will. Stay in His Will. Pray His will. That is how it works.

I imagined the kind of inner strength Mordecai had. He revealed a plot to kill the king and he was not rewarded. If I was in his shoes, I would have felt cheated and forgotten.

But the same night that Haman planned to ask for his head, the King could not sleep and the record spoke for Mordecai.

God held on to the reward until the day when it would be of great use.

Friends, do not feel like God is “slow” or unmoved when some prayers do not seem to get answers. He may simply be because He knows and see the future that you do not.

Your emotions will not change His will. Why dont you find out His will and align?

Your Miracle may be waiting for the day Haman would have asked for your head and the table turns in your favour.Trust God through the process. I know you are waiting and it is tough but do not change your attutude.

Even when you cry, let it be noted deep within that God has your best interest at heart.

He may have just shut the door on you so you do not get bitten. We do not know how good God is at times until we look back at what He has done.

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