On our way to Abeokuta on the 19th of April, 2012 for my cousin’s wedding, my mum made a profound statement that has stuck to me as a life lesson on faith and obedience.

Dad drew her attention as we drove past an optical clinic that she used to frequently visit during the first few years of her eyesight challenges. She recollected one of such visits she made accompanied by my uncle, Daniel, making use of public transport.

She said:
“If Daniel says ‘cross’, I cross, If Daniel says ‘run’, I run, If he says ‘stop’, I stop. Whatever Daniel says I do, I do. I had no option; I have to trust him because only he could see.”

She continued by saying:
“It takes understanding the relationship between a blind person and his guide to understand faith and obedience. If God says “Run”, you run; if he says “stop”, you stop; if he says “cross”, you cross. Don’t argue with Him- just understand that He can see what you cannot see.”

As long as she trusted the person that was leading, it was no risk. She was walking in full assurance that she would get to her destination because of the person that is leading.

Faith is a risk to the person who does not see or trust the seeing party (God). Faith is full assurance and rest in God for the believer.

It struck me that day that FAITH HAS TWO EYES AND NOT FOUR- THEY BELONG TO GOD AND NOT ME. In my relationship of faith and obedience to God, He sees it all- I am the blind party!

You cannot be a person of vision truly until you lose your sight for things that bring fear and doubt while you trust the leading of the Lord absolutely.

Paul puts it to the Galatians this way: Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives.
Galatians 5:25 NLT

Your life is in following the leading of the Spirit. That was the life of Abraham. That was the life of Jesus. Jesus did nothing except what He saw the Father doing.

If you choose to blindly trust in the Lord, you will end up exactly where He has revealed. The opposite of faith is sight. If you will walk in faith, you must lose your sight!

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