It was around 5.50am. We had gone to drop off a friend at the park. Just as we were about exiting the park something interesting happened:

Just in front of where I parked, there was a park for motorcycles. I noticed it was safer begging the two commercial cyclists to kindly allow me to pass through their park rather than making a reverse into the main road at a ’round-about’.

I stretched out my hand from the car making the pleading sign (placing both palms together and rubbing it), saying to the bike men, “Please sirs, kindly allow me to pass through that spot”.

The one closest to me raised his voice and shouted back that, “Is there no other way. We cannot leave our position. Reverse and find another way”.

I was shocked. I pleaded again. I stepped out of the car and went straight to him saying, “I spoke to you with respect, you did not have to talk like that. It is a blessing to be able to help me”.

The response was, “You are using your life to frustrate mine”. I was dazed. Then I told him, I respect you that is why I pleaded. If I wanted to frustrate you, I wont ask for help sir. They gave me opportunity to pass.

Friends, as we drove off, I could not but help have a rethink of the whole issue and I told my wife, “There are a lot of frustrated people. Did he feel lesser because I was driving a car that was not even mine?”

I made a commitment to love people no matter what. We need to spread love. Put a smile on someone’s face. Do not raise your voice when someone shouts at you for no reason- simply smile and if possible, start a chat.

Even if you feel frustated personally, choose to show love no matter how tough. Most folks really want to do better, they only feel stranded. But you carry a life that circumstances cannot frustrate- the life of God affects everything.

The devil is looking for materials to work with this season, deprive him of materials by speaking the writing words. Refuse to be angry. Let the anger stop when it gets to you. Disarm the bomb. Let it lose its explosive power!

There is love in sharing

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